Competing with big brands using social media automation.

Being able to maximise the impact of social media has been the superpower of big businesses for years. With their big budgets and teams exclusively working on generating and publishing their promotional content, they've had an edge on small businesses for years. But, with the evolution of technology, this has all changed and small businesses are now fighting back.

Planning, composing, publishing, engaging and managing multiple social media networks is hard work and extremely time-consuming. You'll know has a small business owner that signing onto all of your networks, posting original and engaging content then scrolling through comments, messages and engagements don't feel like time well spent.

That's why Rackpoint® have created a special tool to help businesses like you maximise your potential while minimising the time spent getting there.

The Rackpoint® Social Tool help you connect with all of your social media accounts and manage them from a single location. This includes easily creating and scheduling content, meaning you can prepare and plan out months worth of social media activity in a fraction of the time it normally takes.

Not only can you use this tool to create posts and content, but you also can:

  • Engage with your customers by monitoring and managing incoming messages
  • Advertise on social media through one platform.
  • Monitor your conversations and keep on top of topics.
  • Analyse your content using our built-in analytics.

Small businesses around the world are benefiting with the use of social media management platforms and so could you. The list of pros is vast, therefore, you could get in touch with the team at Rackpoint® today for a demonstration of how the platform works and how you can use it as leverage against the big brands.


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